Speedometer Online lets you know how fast you are going

Whether you're curious about how fast you can run or want to check the speed of the train you're riding in, our tool lets you know everything in real-time.


How To Use Speedometer Online?

Are you not able to use our Online Speedometer tool to check your Speed? Don't worry, it's just a 3-step process! Follow the steps given below and you will be able to check your current speed in real-time.

Enable Your Device GPS Location

Before using Speedometer Online, make sure GPS is enabled on your device. Our tool uses GPS technology to check your real-time speed so you need to allow GPS access if you want to track the speed.

Select Your Speed Measurement

Once you have given access to the location settings, choose the measurement unit that suits your preference. You can choose from the 3 different units that are miles per hour (mph), kilometers per hour (km/h), or meter per second (m/s).

Get Real-time Speed Readings

Now it's time to measure your speed. Start traveling and our tool will provide you with real-time accurate readings using your GPS location. Stay updated with your speed in real-time, whether you're running, biking, or even on a train.

Features & Use Cases

Wondering about all the different ways and places where you can use our speedometer app to measure your live speed with just your smartphone?

Bike Speedometer

Explore our Bike Speedometer to measure the speed of your bike or track your cycling speed. Know how fast you can paddle your bike. We use GPS technology to track your precise speed in real time.

Vehicle Speedometer

Experience versatile speed tracking with the help of our vehicle speedometer tracking, which is designed to track the speed of any vehicle, whether it's your car, cycle, truck, or any public transportation including bus, train, or even airplane.

Car Speedometer

If your car speedometer is broken then don't worry, our car speedometer feature is here to help you. Get the digital real-time speed of your car and ensure that you're driving safely and within legal speed. Drive with confidence with accurate measurements.

Train Speedometer

Wondering how fast your train is moving? No worries, our train speedometer feature will help you to know the exact speed of your train. Just open our website, enable your GPS, and start tracking your train speed. It's free and also works without installing any app on your device.

Bus Speedometer

Transform your bus rides into fun rides with our Bus speedometer. Monitor your bus speed and make your ride is safe and within legal speed safely. You use our tool, open our website, enable GPS and your real-time speed will be displayed on your device screen.

Flight Speedometer

Ever wonder how fast your flight is flying in the air? I do so and so I present your with our flight speedometer which you can use while inside the flight and measure the speed with the help GPS speedometer online app. You can now monitor your speed even from inside the flight with only using GPS without the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use speedometeronline.app website or install our PWA web app on your mobile device to track the speed of your car. You can easily check how fast you're moving with the help of our GPS-based tools. It provides accurate real-time speed readings in MPH (miles per second), KPH (kilometers per second), or m/s (meter per second).

Make sure that your GPS is enabled and that you have a stable internet connection. Also, make sure to prioritize your safety and avoid distractions while driving.

Yes, your phone can tell you how fast you're going with the help of speedometeronline.app website. Just open the website, make sure your GPS is enabled, start moving and your phone will easily detect speed of a vehicle or how fast you're going.

Any reputable online GPS speedometer website such as speedometeronline.app uses advanced algorithms to deliver a reliable and high degree of accuracy. While factors such as signal coverage, satellite positions, and device quality can affect measurements slightly, GPS speedometers typically offer accuracy within 0.2 mph (0.3 kph) or better.

Yes, your iPhone can tell you your vehicle speed. You can easily detect your driving speed online with the help of an online speedometer tool. To check your speed online just open the website speedometeronline.app on your iPhone, enable GPS, and start moving in your vehicle and you will get your current speed.

Yes you can track the speed of a bus in which you are sitting using a GPS online speedometer such as the SpeedometerOnline.app

GPS can work without an active internet connection. However to access the website itself you need an active internet connection but if you've installed our PWA web application on your device then you can use it to track your speed without internet connection, you only need GPS.